Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cupcake Galore!

Raspberry champagne cupcake with a raspberry champagne butter cream
topped with a fresh raspberry

Traditional red velvet with a cream cheese icing

Devils food with a creamy peanut butter icing dusted with some cocoa

"a customer favorite"
The Mojito
This is a mojito cupcake with a raspberry-lime cream cheese icing
Yesterday I started baking at 7:00am. I have a tough order to fill. I had 4 orders to fill all consisting of different cupcakes, icing and fillings. It was by far my biggest challenge so far! From help from my Mom and my cousin Melanie, we made, filled and decorated over 150 cupcakes; 7 different kinds of cupcakes, 2 different fillings (strawberry and raspberry), and 6 different icings.

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