Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Cupcake Menu

Hazelnut cupcake with a mascarpone icing topped with chopped hazelnuts (my favorite cupcake)

"Root beer float cupcake"

This is a picture of the inside of the root beer float cupcake... YUMMY!
These cupcakes were a lot of fun to make! I used toasted hazelnuts from Roots Market and I tried a new ingredient in my icing, mascarpone. It made the cupcakes light and tasty!
The root beer float cupcakes were made with root beer extract from Roots Market, a homemade vanilla mousse filling, and a root beer cream cheese icing.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another day of cupcake making...

Devils chocolate with cream cheese and a little John Deere love!

Today I spent my afternoon baking cupcakes. I got 3 orders for the weekend. I made (with some help from a friend and family), a traditional red velvet with cream cheese icing, a red velvet cupcake that was flavored with beets instead of red dye with cream cheese icing, devils chocolate cupcake with cream cheese icing and one of my new favorites orange creamsicle with a blood orange whipped cream.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

John Deere Cupcakes

Dark chocolate mocha with espresso buttercream topped with homemade hand drawn white chocolate John Deere logo's. I made these for a "free luncheon" in Oxford.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Orange creamsicle cupcake
I bought some blood oranges and I wanted to do something fun with them. The cupcake is an orange cupcake with a blood orange whip cream topped with a candied orange peel. I also put some homemade blood orange syrup into the cupcake that I made today after I baked them. It adds a nice sweetness to the cucpake.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mojito Cupcakes

Speciality cupcake: mojito cupcake with a blackberry-lime cream cheese icing
We used fresh limes, blackberries and a Mojito rum that was infused with natural mint
to create this masterpiece.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

News that shocked me...

Last week when I was at the bank I was talking to the banker about the cupcake business. I was talking about my future dream of having a cupcake bakery possibly in the area. I stated that there were no bakery of that sort in a 20 miles radius. I also told her how we make our own vanilla, and really want to use as many organic items as we can. I proceeded to tell her that we make each cupcake batter individual and we don't mass produce. She asked me if I knew about Dutchway and Giant, and I said no. She said that Dutchway and Giant do not bake their own cakes or cupcakes. I was SHOCKED! I just assumed they did the baking since they had a bakery in store. I don't think I will ever buy a cake or get cupcakes from a store bakery again. I am proud to say that Country Cupcakes do make FRESH baked goods and everything is made to order. As much as I love Dutchway and I do; I shop there every week, I won't be buying any cakes or cupcakes from them. If you are looking for fresh cupcakes make sure you get in touch with me! I would be happy to create something amazing for your occasion!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Before the business started.... oldies but goodies!

I have always loved to bake and cook for others. Here are some pictures of some cupcakes that I have made in the past (before Country Cupcakes came about).
Yellow cake with chocolate icing (simple but delish)

My Mom, Brynne and I (with help from friends) made over 100 cupcakes for our 30th Birthday. These are white cupcakes with a raspberry buttercream topped with candied rose petals.

This is a chocolate cabernet cupcake with a Lady Godiva white chocolate buttercream. Another creation for our 30th.

These were cupcakes from Kylee's 1st birthday. They are champagne cupcakes (the alcohol cooks out) with a raspberry buttercream.

This was my first attempt at making "fancy" cupcakes. This was for Makayla's 3rd birthday. We did a Spring theme since her birthday is in March. They are white cupcakes with vanilla buttercream topped with marshmallow flowers. They were fun to do, but very sticky at times!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Country CupCakes
January 2011 Newsletter

Welcome: Hello everyone! This is my first newsletter. My goal is to send one newsletter per month to keep everyone updated on the progress of Country CupCakes. I would like everyone to know that we are open for business. If you are in need of cupcakes for any occasion please do not hesitate to email or call me to put in an order. All orders are made to order, and personalized to perfection.

A little history: Country CupCakes was started December 2010. During the month of December we made over 250 cupcakes for friends, family and others. We had 3 holiday parties, 1 birthday party and 1 going away party. Country CupCakes also donated cupcakes to Freedom Life for everyone to enjoy. The long term goal is to open a cupcake bakery in the future.

What sets us apart: Cupcakes are perfect for any occasion; birthday parties, bridal showers, company parties, holidays, baby showers, weddings and more. Cupcakes can be enjoyed in mini form, standard or jumbo! Cupcakes make you feel like a kid; they are small enough to enjoy without a plate and fun! Our cupcakes are made with the finest ingredients. We make our own vanilla and we are working toward incorporating some organic ingredients from my father's garden to create gourmet cupcakes.

December menu:
- traditional red velvet with cream cheese icing
- triple chocolate mint with chocolate buttercream topped with an Andes mint
- white cupcake with vanilla buttercream
- gingerbread with lemon-cinnamon cream cheese
- mocha cupcake with espresso, Lady Godiva white chocolate, or Lady Godiva dark chocolate buttercream
- pancake cupcake with maple buttercream topped with bacon
- chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing topped with a Reese's cup
- strawberry champagne cupcake with strawberry champagne buttercream

January Menu (so far):
- mojito cupcake with berry-lime cream cheese icing

Please email me with any questions! We personalize to perfection!!!!!