Wednesday, January 12, 2011

News that shocked me...

Last week when I was at the bank I was talking to the banker about the cupcake business. I was talking about my future dream of having a cupcake bakery possibly in the area. I stated that there were no bakery of that sort in a 20 miles radius. I also told her how we make our own vanilla, and really want to use as many organic items as we can. I proceeded to tell her that we make each cupcake batter individual and we don't mass produce. She asked me if I knew about Dutchway and Giant, and I said no. She said that Dutchway and Giant do not bake their own cakes or cupcakes. I was SHOCKED! I just assumed they did the baking since they had a bakery in store. I don't think I will ever buy a cake or get cupcakes from a store bakery again. I am proud to say that Country Cupcakes do make FRESH baked goods and everything is made to order. As much as I love Dutchway and I do; I shop there every week, I won't be buying any cakes or cupcakes from them. If you are looking for fresh cupcakes make sure you get in touch with me! I would be happy to create something amazing for your occasion!!


  1. All off their cakes, cupcakes, etc. come in frozen, they defrost and baking utensils to be found. That's why I always got ours homemade :)

  2. By no means am I trashing Dutchway! Like I stated above, I love shopping at Dutchway for their fresh local produce and fresh cuts of meat. I am just saying they only ice their cakes and cupcakes. (or shall I say that is what someone told me) I never said they didn't bake their cookies, doughnuts or any other baked goods sold there!