Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Before the business started.... oldies but goodies!

I have always loved to bake and cook for others. Here are some pictures of some cupcakes that I have made in the past (before Country Cupcakes came about).
Yellow cake with chocolate icing (simple but delish)

My Mom, Brynne and I (with help from friends) made over 100 cupcakes for our 30th Birthday. These are white cupcakes with a raspberry buttercream topped with candied rose petals.

This is a chocolate cabernet cupcake with a Lady Godiva white chocolate buttercream. Another creation for our 30th.

These were cupcakes from Kylee's 1st birthday. They are champagne cupcakes (the alcohol cooks out) with a raspberry buttercream.

This was my first attempt at making "fancy" cupcakes. This was for Makayla's 3rd birthday. We did a Spring theme since her birthday is in March. They are white cupcakes with vanilla buttercream topped with marshmallow flowers. They were fun to do, but very sticky at times!

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